Air Conditioning Maintenance


HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Heat and Air Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning repair system is important to keep its effectiveness, maintain utility costs decreased, lengthen the length of the unit also helps avoid costly breakdown.
Here in Mount Pleasant, we use our air conditioning systems more than anyplace else in the country. It is vital to maintaining your relaxation system functioning at peak performance. Keep your equipment to prevent future problems and repair costs.
Maintain your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having Comfort Seasons Heating and Air perform your annual pre-season check-ups.


Heating and Air HVAC Maintenance

Check Filters Monthly- By checking your filters monthly it’s possible to make sure your filter is clean. This will you help keep the air flowing through your AC system. Checking your filter will as well keep dirt and debris from moving components in and out. White vinegar is a wonderful cleaning product and can be non-toxic. Have one of our highly skilled service technicians instruct you if you’re uncertain where this can be, how it needs to be done. A drain line may be one of the worst issues. Drain lines can cause your system and may trigger the worst property damage. Fixing drain lines and while assessing filters, have a peek. If you notice things like water is perspiration, these are signals that we may need to be called out to help with a problem.


HVAC Maintenance Checkup

Today we are in the area where we all come in! If you have not had your heating or heating check-up, call. Below are some of the features of the signature Breakdown Prevention HVAC Maintenance checkups and a few of motives to have you done on your heating system.
Inspection of transferring components-There are lots of moving parts to an ac system making sure their operation is essential to the general operation of the machine. Any parts that require lubrication are lubricated by us.

Why Routine Service?

  • Electrical performance
  • drain lines
  • internal coil
  • outside coil
  • Clean filters
  • Check all connections and wiring
  • Assess electric contacts
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Amp draw on all motors
  • Amp draw on compressor
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Clean exterior coil
  • Remove debris from outdoor unit
  • Visual ductwork review
  • Check evaporator superheatEnergy-efficient thermostat Attic insulation Avoids costly breakdown These items are only a brief summary of everything you may receive with a cooling Breakdown Prevention HVAC Maintenance test up!